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The journey into parenting is filled with decisions. Midwife or physician? Should we co-sleep? Which stroller should I buy? Do I have the right pacifier? Should we even have a pacifier? The list of questions goes on.

With all of the decisions surrounding the arrival of your new baby, let me help you with this one decision. How do I choose a photographer?

Here is some advice.

Do your research. Choose a photographer who is experienced and aligned with your personal style. Be sure to get details on their pricing and packages. Ask for testimonials from other clients.  Ask to see a sample gallery of a client’s session to get an idea of what yours could look like.

The right photographer for you may not be me and that’s ok. It makes me feel good to know that by writing this, I may have helped new parents ask the questions which led them to the right photographer for them.

So with all of the choices of photographers out there, why choose me?

Here’s why:

Take a peak at my portfolio (see here: http://www.meredithpullara.ca/portfolio2019)

Simple, straightforward all-inclusive pricing. No surprises.

Experienced photographer

Great client testimonials (see here: http://www.meredithpullara.ca/kindwords)

Sessions are relaxed and never rushed

My style is to focus on your newborn and the beautiful connections between your family. The baby’s perfect fresh beauty. Their tiny toes and wispy eyelashes. A tiny hand wrapped around the finger of a new Dad. The baby nestled into a new Mama’s arms so comfortably that it looks like he/she has always been there. The gentle way a big brother holds their new sibling. The list goes on.

I have over six years of experience photographing newborns in both posed and lifestyle sessions. As a Mama of four, I have been where you are - a few times.  My approach is friendly, relaxed and focused on the moment. I never want my clients to feel rushed.

Together we will create images your family will treasure.


A Special Note to Mamas

Be sure to get in the photo.

It is my observation that it is Mama who grabs her iPhone to document the lives of her babies. Baby with Daddy. Baby with grandparents. Baby with siblings. Maybe Mama sneaks in a few selfies with Baby but there are few photos of Mama with Baby that are taken by someone else.

I know many new Mama’s are self-conscious of their post-baby bodies especially just after giving birth. An experienced photographer will know of the best poses and angles that will be the most flattering. Think of what a treasure it will be to your child to see images of them being held by their beautiful mother.

So find the right photographer for you and be sure to get in the photo.

You won’t regret it.

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